It disputes the airspace and zone of responsibility of Greece and raises issues of demilitarization – 2024-02-21 07:55:33

“Through the process of the Navtex and NOTAM publications, Turkey is trying to raise the issue of demilitarization of the islands, even demanding that they not be included in the planning of the Greek exercises, it disputes the Greek airspace of 10 nautical miles, the area of ​​responsibility of Greece for search and rescue as well as the area of ​​responsibility of Greece for Navtex issuance”, notes the diplomatic editor Nikos Meletis in the central news bulletin of ERT.

As Mr. Meletis points out, these moves by Turkey are always answered with announcements, either with Navtex or NOTAM from the Greek side, while there is also verbal communication. But the most important thing is that the Greek exercises are carried out normally despite Turkey’s objections.

In the last Turkish Navtex, because the Greek announcement had been issued from a station in Piraeus for an exercise south of Kastellorizos, Turkey said that the station is incompetent because it is its own territory.

With this process, Turkey wants to extend its jurisdiction and competence unilaterally and arbitrarily, in an area that coincides with its constant pursuit of dividing the Aegean, concludes Mr. Meletis.

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