“It has been 2 years of the emergency regime and we are still debating whether we delve into the constitutional issue and human rights or the issue of the gangs being detained, we must bring that debate and evaluate what we have” 2024-04-13 11:51:34

This Thursday in a meeting with Julio Villagrán, the president of Proyecto Nación El Salvador, Rafael Dominguez, questioned the “freedom” that the ruling party boasts of, arguing that if the situation in the country were as mentioned in the presidential propaganda, in the country there was no fear, because for Dominguez true “freedom” generates “more possibilities for understanding and dialogue.”

“If there is freedom there should not be fear, it is not like that, freedom only generates more possibilities of understanding and dialogue and therefore we should have less violence”, indicates Rafael.

He also referred to the issue of indefinite reelection as worrying, because Salvadorans live in a country with democracy.

“On the issue of indefinite reelection we should be concerned to the extent that we know what country we want, what nation we are building, is it a nation with democracy or is it a country where we put democracy as a way of life”says Domínguez.

Another point that the president of Proyecto Nación El Salvador emphasized was the solidarity that Salvadorans must practice, since he believes that only in this way can Salvadorans achieve plenitude. “Progress is to the extent that people serve others, that is the only way to progress and become a true person and reach maximum fulfillment.”details president of the El Salvador Nation Project.

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