It is believed to be healthy.. Warning against a common drink containing a poison that is dangerous for heart and diabetes patients

Al-Marsad newspaper: A recent study revealed severe health risks for people who drink low-calorie soda, known as “diet.”

The study, published in Nutrition Obesity magazine, confirmed that this type of soda-containing beverage leads to an appetite increase over time, and a desire to eat sweet foods, thus increasing the calories that enter the body, according to Al-Arabiya.

She warned that diet soda poses more risks for people who are obese, as they are particularly sensitive to food cravings associated with artificial sweeteners.

How did the researchers reach the results of this study?

In the study, the researchers relied on a group of people to see how well their brains responded to images of high-calorie foods, according to what an MRI examination revealed of the areas of the brain associated with cravings for food and sugars. Water, a sugary drink, or a drink sweetened with sucralose showed that eating “diet” drinks increased the desire to eat and the obese participants.

The risks of the drink on patients with diabetes and heart

Accordingly, doctors and nutrition experts warn people who buy this type of low-calorie, “diet” soft drink and link it with a healthy diet, and it is an essential part of their day, especially heart and diabetes patients, as it may cause them many damages, including Headache, nausea, weight gain and cancer.

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