It is clear that the boy is suffering • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A customer documented a video clip from inside a famous Snapchat cafe, Saad Al-Enezi, “Small Cappuccino” in Riyadh.

The video showed the contents of the cafe, including strange chairs that resemble a barber’s chair.

It also showed a library containing a number of books available to customers to view.

The documenter of the clip commented, “Oh, people, really dreams of the age, see the Cappuccino Café.

He reviewed some books and read the names written on them as follows, “Full self-confidence, your brain grew up, you grew up and forgot to forget, strength now, we live as long as we love, be a warrior and don’t be anxious.”

He added, “It is clear that the boy is suffering, good group…but you…may God guide you.”

The pioneers of the communication sites circulated videos a few days ago that showed crowding, altercations and chaos during the opening of the new cafe for Small Cappuccino.

Small Cappuccino said that when security in the café was unable to control the situation, they turned to the police, who responded immediately, and more than 9 patrols went to 12 patrols and closed the entire complex.

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