“It is with the future of youth and of our society that we are playing”

Absym thus joins the plea of ​​the Belgian Pediatric Covid-19 Task Force, stressing that there is “no medical reason not to completely reopen schools from September 1”. The risk of contamination by Covid-19 at school is, according to the association, “very low”.

“Not going to school generates great social deprivation in children and psychosocial risks, especially for the most vulnerable groups,” the statement continued. “In addition to that, there is the delay in learning and rendering the material which can no longer be filled.”

Absym insists on providing maximum support to schools and teachers “so that they take realistic and achievable safety measures”.

The duration of the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic being moreover unpredictable, the association believes that “we have, as a society, no other choice than to open all the doors of the school, without no restrictions on September 1st. ”


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