it was forbidden to approach Shatunov’s grave, Pugacheva’s unusual abilities, Bely left Russia

Due to a violation of public order at the Troekurovsky cemetery, it was forbidden to approach the grave of Yuri Shatunov. Meanwhile, it became known that Alla Pugacheva has unusual abilities.

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It was forbidden to approach the grave of Shatunov

At the Troekurovsky cemetery, where Yuri Shatunov is buried, riots have recently begun. Fans of the artist rushed to the cross with a photo of the artist, because of which the churchyard management had to put up guards and restrict access to the grave.

“You can come. Not as close as possible, but from the side it will be possible to see, ”a source told the publication. “MK”.

Unusual abilities of Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva, as it turned out, knows how to speak “barley”. This was told by her friend Kira Proshutinskaya, who experienced the abilities of the Primadonna on herself.

Mikhailov received the long-awaited award

Stas Mikhailov became the People’s Artist of Russia. He received the long-awaited award the day before, which he hastened to inform the fans on his social network.

Bely left Russia

Actor Anatoly Bely resigned from the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater after 20 years of service. In order not to set the team up, he finished the season and hurried abroad. Where exactly – did not say.

Vysotsky’s son is in conflict with Vladi

Vladimir Vysotsky met his last love Marina Vladi 10 years before his death. His son Nikita was never able to find a common language with his father’s beloved. In addition, he was offended by the book “Vladimir, or Interrupted Flight”, which was written by Marina after the death of the musician.

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“Yes, we have a conflict with her. The worlds are very different … In her heart she has no terrible claims to me. As I do to her. In general, we are strangers … We have no reason to put up. If it could help someone … But it’s just not necessary, ”said Nikita Vysotsky.

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