“It’s exhausting”: Mica Viciconte revealed what she suffers from breastfeeding her baby, Luca Cubero

The panelist explained what happens to her when she has to feed the little one she had with Fabian Cuberoand until when you plan to do it.

Little Viscount counted in Ariel in her Sauce Until when do you plan to breastfeed your child with Fabián Cubero, Luca, whom he had in May 2022 and explained the reasons why he made that decision.

Up to what age do you plan to give Luca the breast, up to a year?he asked Ariel Rodriguez Palacios to the panelist, who replied: “No, I’m not coming because he has his things is exhausting ”.

“It depends on the baby too, mine is pretty gross. The reality is that sometimes I don’t have such a good time, I play a lotIt’s not that dependent either, but I don’t think it will last a year,” Mica clarified.


Little Viscount speak on their social networks the possibilities of marrying Fabián Cuberowith whom she had her son Luca.

Do you plan to marry Fabian? They are beautiful”, they told her and the panelist replied: “Neither of us wants to get married, we’re fine like this”.

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