“It’s important to have a month where we raise awareness”

We are in the middle of the Blue March, an operation dedicated to the fight against colorectal cancer. Each year, 1,700 people die of this disease in Switzerland. Early detection gives a very good chance of recovery. Digestive oncology specialist Arnaud Roth tells us more.

“If there are people in the family who had a colorectal tumor before 50, we recommend screening and depending on the family tree, we can look for genetic mutations,” explains Professor Arnaud Roth. He explains the importance of this month dedicated to this cancer and its screening: “Everyone has their concerns. So, for major cancer pathologies, it’s important to have a month where we raise awareness. We know that for colorectal cancer screening, it is to do a colonoscopy at age 50, then repeat it every ten years.

Age, the first risk factor

If the colonoscopy is scary, there are alternatives: “One is to do blood tests in the stool. But not all lesions can be found with this method. Colonoscopy is the standard. But there is an intermediary which is the colonoscanner. You have to be aware that you have to do the same preparation. And if we find the slightest thing, we are entitled to a colonoscopy.

This cancer also affects women, up to 2 cases out of 5. But it is age that determines the prevalence: “The first risk factor for cancer is age,” explains the specialist. However, 2/3 of tumors are treatable, and with metastatic disease the median survival is several years.

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