Jam Busting Services: Escape Beijing’s Traffic Jams with Ease!

2023-07-04 09:10:30

Beijing is one of the largest cities in the world with more than two million people living there. One of the main nightmares of people here is traffic jams. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t wish someone had come and saved them when they had to lie in a traffic jam for hours. Thus, a new service called Jam Busting has been started in Beijing to save people who are stuck in traffic jams. They promise to save you from any traffic jam if you pay 60 dollars

Rapid urbanization and underdeveloped infrastructure have turned traffic jams into Beijing’s nightmare. Road facilities have not been expanded to keep up with the surge in the number of vehicles. Traffic jams lasting hours and days have occurred in China. Being surrounded by mountains on three sides is a challenge for Beijing.

Jam busting services mainly depend on two-wheelers. Two-wheelers are often able to escape long traffic jams. Jam busting service works by using this possibility. People stuck in traffic jams are picked up by two-wheelers and taken to their destination quickly.

A similar service was launched in Beijing in 2015. It was called Dingding Yuche then. The service was to save the people in the car from the traffic jams and if needed, one of the bike drivers would drive the car to the destination. Back then, $65 was charged per trip. The service did not last long due to low demand and concerns about the safety of the car.

A similar service is running successfully in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province. The report was given by the Chinese media Guangzhou Daily. The hope is that Beijing will follow in Jinan’s footsteps and save the system from the restarted traffic guru this time.

English Summary: Jam busting services: In Beijing you can hire someone to rescue you from traffic jams

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