James William Awad: “It was just a show”

James William Awad’s singular press conference caused several headaches for all crisis management communications experts.

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“The term surreal is good because it defies all codes, it does absolutely everything it shouldn’t do if advised. It makes you wonder if he is not doing the opposite of what should be done on purpose, ”explains Ann-Florence Brouillard, general manager of Brouillard communication.

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The steps chosen by Mr. Awad startle the specialist, especially with the flags and the arrival of the businessman coming down the stairs of the building.

“His message begins to accuse a third party, which is really not advisable in crisis communication. Subsequently, before making excuses which will come a little later and which are very thin, he records an event for his company, which makes even less sense, ”says Ms. Brouillard.

According to the specialist, James William Awad does everything to keep the attention on him. Some of his colleagues even compared the saga concerning him to a reality show.

“We all fell out of our chairs. We are all surprised at the extent that this has also taken. Certainly, he gives a good “show” and we also give him attention, so that feeds the wave,” says the director of Brouillard communication.

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