‘Jang Young-ran ♥’ in the midst of “I’m sorry for the ordeal”… A difficult situation after the third miscarriage

= Han Chang (41), husband of broadcaster Young-ran Jang (43), who recently had a miscarriage of her third child, reported on the current situation.

On the 2nd, Han Chang posted on his Instagram, “I’m so sorry that I’m so pretty. I’m also sorry to those who support my husband and wife,” he said, posting several photos taken with Jang Young-ran.

“I played tennis even though I knew I was pregnant,” he said. Even though he knew he was pregnant, he forced himself to hike. Even though I knew I was pregnant, I couldn’t stop filming. I overlooked that the first and the second were flawless. I thought it was short. Sorry for the ordeal. Are you pretty?” he said to himself. He continued, “I must have neglected my family because I was in the hospital. Thank you to those who supported us. And I’m sorry,” he added.

In the photo, Jang Young-ran is sleeping peacefully next to her family. Jang Young-ran, who followed, was seen hiking and exercising with her husband, as well as working at the filming site.

Meanwhile, Jang Young-ran married Han Chang, an oriental doctor, in 2009, and they have one son and one daughter. She miscarried shortly after she announced her third pregnancy in mid-March, about eight years after giving birth to her second, she said.


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