Janice Dickinson: Former Model’s Intense Workout Routine and Stunning Transformation Revealed

2023-08-11 19:03:00

As a former model, Janice Dickinson (68) still has her tough workout routine! Together with her husband Dr. Robert Gerner, she has now been spotted in a gym in Los Angeles.

The former actress went completely makeup-free. Her dark hair was pinned up in a messy bun. Dickinson’s slim figure was shown off particularly well in the gray sportswear.

Pictures and videos show the 68-year-old on the rowing machine and doing sit-ups. She works up a sweat, as her strained look reveals.

Just a few months ago, Janice Dickinson suffered a serious accident in the British jungle camp. The reality actress fell brutally to the ground in the dark, bleeding her head. Camp roommates also reported a black eye and bruised cheeks.

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But the ex-supermodel can no longer see any of the injuries. On the contrary: Dickinson surprised her skin tighter than ever on her trip to the gym.

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