Jayson Tatum and a historical negative record with the Boston Celtics in the 2022 NBA Playoffs


Jayson Tatum has had a somewhat complicated 2022 NBA Playoffs with the Boston Celtics, with great numbers, but also with a record that no one wants to achieve.

Jayson Tatum.
© Lachlan Cunningham/Getty ImagesJayson Tatum.

Las NBA Finals 2022 they have the Golden State Warriors one match away from peak glory and being crowned champions for the fourth time in eight years. 3 to 2 is the advantage they have over the Boston Celticswho are looking to raise their heads and force a Game 7 on Thursday at the TD Garden.

For that to happen, locals will need a Jayson Tatum playing to the best of his abilities, something that has rarely happened in the Finals. The Playoffs of the Boston figure have been very strange, as he combines great statistics with historically bad records.

In a 104-94 loss to Golden State, Tatum had a great third quarter, but the rest of the game left a lot to be desired, as did his entire team’s performance. he ended up with 27 points, 10 reboundsa poor assist/turnover ratio with four in both categories.

What is divisive happens because, despite lead all Playoffs in total points and assists, having the most minutes also brought a losing record. That comes from the number of errors he had, which cost more than ever in the Finals.

Jayson Tatum’s negative record

Tatum lleva 95 losses in these NBA Playoffs 2022. In this way, the Boston Celtics forward has the historical record with the most turnovers by a player in a single postseason.

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