Jean Castex urges his ministers to go “on the ground”

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Freshly appointed head of government, Jean Castex urged his ministers on Saturday July 11 to go ” in the field “ for “To hear the demands of the French, businesses and local elected officials”, he said in a Tweet published after the first seminar of work bringing together its ministers.

This is “A government of 600 days” until the end of the quinquennium, said government spokesman Gabriel Attal at the end of the seminar. And to add: “There is a very marked concern by the Prime Minister of concretization”, which should lead “The members of the government to move, to go on the ground, in contact with the French” for “Measure the concrete effects of decisions”.

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“Actors who participate in the life of the country”

The government has also had “A rather long political exchange around the declaration of general policy” that the Prime Minister will do in the National Assembly on Wednesday, after a televised interview with Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday. It was “Important that all members of government can put forward their ideas”, according to Mr. Attal. A participant reported an exchange “Quite forward looking” so that everyone gives their “Perception of the terrain”.

Asked about a possible increase in the number of ministerial advisers, Mr. Attal did not confirm but noted that for dialogue and concertation, it would be necessary “That we have in the teams of ministers interlocutors able to respond and exchange with all the actors who participate in the life of the country”. ” Perhaps [que] this is something that a little lacked previously to have people identified on these subjects ”, he admitted.

Accompanied by the Minister for Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities, Jacqueline Gourault, the Prime Minister then received representatives of associations of municipalities at midday, in order to “Continue meeting with all the components”, said Matignon. Representatives of associations of departments and regions must be received Monday in Matignon.

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