Jean-Philippe Lonfat: “Integration is a lasting investment”

It’s back-to-school time. Thousands of students find these days, the school desks in Switzerland. A school in the throes of change, whether in terms of IT or integration. And in this little game, the Valais can bring its stone to the building. The canton is present in several key positions at the national level, such as the presidency of the Intercantonal Conference of Public Education of French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino (CIIP) or that of the Conference of Secretaries General, which gives notice of all the objects which will be processed by the CIIP. This last position is occupied by Jean-Philippe Lonfat. In French-speaking Switzerland, it is even said that the head of the Valais Education Service has a central role in many decisions. The main interested party prefers to highlight teamwork.

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