Jennifer Gomez: From Cat Burglar to Tik Tok Star – Protecting Your Home from Theft

2024-04-10 12:58:00

10 April 2024, 06:28 PM IST

After 10 years in jail for theft, Jennifer is now a Tik Tok influencer. Jennifer became a star on Tik Tok by sharing tricks to save homes from theft.

Jennifer Gomez on ‘Locked In With Ian Bick’ | YouTube Screengrab

Washington: A US woman named Jennifer Gomez is becoming famous by sharing her experience of robbing more than 200 houses. woman Jennifer shared her past theft stories with listeners through the podcast program ‘Locked in with Ian Bick’. After 10 years in prison for theft, Jennifer is now a Tik Tok influencer. Jennifer becomes a star on Tik Tok by sharing tricks to save houses from theft.

The invitation to the podcast came after Jennifer’s videos went viral on social media. By sharing her life with her listeners, Jennifer is attracting the attention of people all over the world. In the program, Jennifer explains how expertly she used to carry out burglaries using the cat burglar method, where even the owners did not realize that the house had been burglarized. They also share tips on how to keep your home safe from burglaries.

Jennifer describes the types of homes she chose to burglarize, how she knew if the owners had money in their hands, how to keep pets away from them, and the preparations she made when burglarizing homes. These are all tips on how to protect your home from burglary, says Jennifer.

Homes that looked rich were chosen for burglary. The main reason for that is that they build large walls for privacy in such houses. Then we will suddenly be invisible. Maybe it’s easier to hide when the family comes over. However, things cannot be decided just by looking at the house. The family should be observed for a few days. Only then will you know if they are really rich or just pretending to be, Jennifer explains.

My mother and father were doctors. There are all kinds of people who come to see them. I learned their ways and styles from the wealthy people who had arrived. It has helped me pick out rich people’s houses to steal. I used to choose the houses at the far end of the street. When that happens I don’t get lost and it’s easy to escape. Homeowners only realize things are missing when they open lockers to get money or jewelry. A cat burglar is a burglary method that leaves no evidence that someone has entered the house until then.

Jennifer also stated that she had acquired the necessary skills to open lockers and other things without making noise or using force. Jennifer also warns that it’s really stupid to put up signs outside of houses telling them what to keep. Signs like beware of camera and beware of dog are really helpful to thieves. This is because after making the necessary preparations to overcome those problems, it will be helpful to arrive at the theft. On the other hand, if we enter the house without knowing these things, we will end up in front of the camera or the dog.

Throughout the show, Jennifer shares what she has noticed about burglaries and what homeowners should be aware of. Jennifer had to stay in prison from 2011 to 2020 as part of the thefts in Florida. Jennifer shares her pregnancy in prison and all the difficulties she experienced in the podcast with the listeners. Jennifer acquired houses worth seven million dollars or 58,22,71,550 rupees. Jennifer says that now she has stopped stealing and is living on the income she gets from Tik Tok.

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