Jimmy Lin’s “Titanium Alloy Arm” fitness photos after the car accident showed 11 bone nails exposed… He thinks: Saying it doesn’t hurt is a lie | Entertainment | CTWANT

In the showbiz, there is an “ageless male god” actor Lin Zhiying, who had a serious self-collision accident in July this year, which shocked the domestic society. Because he was rescued by passing people in time and sent to the hospital, he survived two major operations. In recent months, in addition to resting his body, he has also actively recovered and exercised. Yesterday (14th) he shared photos of himself exercising muscular endurance in the gym on Facebook, and released his post-operative arm X-rays to the public. And humorously said: “The titanium alloy arm needs time to train.” Fans saw that his injured arm was nailed with at least 11 bone nails, and it was distressing to see.

Jimmy Lin has recovered a lot after recuperating after a major car accident, and from the gym photos he shared recently, he is wearing a black suit, black pants, black mask, and black hat, and is seriously doing arm exercises and rehabilitation. He also posted an X-ray of his arm in the message area, and saw that his arm had been placed in titanium alloy, including multiple steel nails and steel plates, all of which were clearly visible on the X-ray image.

Lin Zhiying posted his arm X-ray and post-operative fitness photos. (Photo/Flipping Jimmy Lin Facebook)

Lin Zhiying said that his titanium alloy arm still needs to spend some time training. He also pointed out in the limited-time news: “My titanium alloy right hand, it is a lie to say that it does not hurt.” It can be seen that his rehabilitation process is also full of pain and toil.

Many netizens have seen Jimmy Lin’s rehabilitation process and arm X-rays, and those who have “been there” revealed that they or their family members have also suffered serious injuries and shared their rehabilitation experience with him. And Lin Zhiying saw everyone’s experience talk, and turned his head to care for the fans, “Come on, let’s stick to the pain”, which made the fans very warm.

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