Job ad: American pizzeria steers clear of stupidity

A pizzeria in Ohio, US, has sparked strong reactions on social media because of a poster saying it hires ‘not stupid people’.

Although some people found the whole thing comical, not everyone agrees so much so that one person made a fake $100 order at ‘Santino’s’ pizzeria, located in southwest Columbus.

“Oh! I laughed. I laughed it off, but I understand […] I understand where they’re coming from because you want someone to work here who understands taking orders or serving,” said Natasha Fox, a customer of the restaurant, in an interview with the local news channel WSYX.

Despite everything, the owners of the restaurant have received several positive comments on social networks. Indeed, many people found the whole thing comical.

“It’s more humor than anything else. It wasn’t to target anyone or be rude,” said Jayden Dunigan, the owner’s daughter.

Having worked at the family restaurant for years, she said many people who are hired don’t actually want to work. It is with the aim of denouncing the lack of ethics of these people that the famous announcement was made.

The controversial poster has also been installed for two months, added the young woman, adding that she has attracted more customers to come and taste their pizza.

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