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A new visa has been introduced in the UK, and changes to the visa process have been made due to a severe shortage of workers. This is a very happy news for Indians.

You can apply for jobs in companies in the UK in whatever field you are working in.. and then you can get to the UK quickly with the fast track visa option. This visa is issued by scale up companies in the UK. A company with at least 10 employees and an annual growth rate of at least 20 percent can hire workers from abroad. These are scale up companies

The list of companies in need of such workers is available on the website of the Government of UK. Information about these scaleup companies is also available on the website

There are also opportunities for highly skilled professionals including scientists, engineers, programmers, software developers, research and development professionals, economists, architects, technologists, financial and investment advisors.

Information such as employment offer for at least 6 months, certificate of sponsorship, minimum salary, information of one hundred and fifteen thousand rupees in the account to stay in the UK for one month is also required to get a scale up visa.

Preferably in the UK if there is a 6 month job offer. After six months it is not difficult to find another job in UK. When applying for this visa, you can easily get 70 points required for the visa. You will get 10 points by showing funds to stay in the UK for one month. If there is English score required for the job, it will get 10 marks. If there is a job offer, it will get the remaining 50 points

There are many vacancies in the UK right now. There are many vacancies for teachers, engineers and account posts. Therefore, there are many vacancies for those who are skilled. Many companies provide free visas.

The first thing that those who want to work in UK should do is to apply for the job. After that they will call for interview. After getting the job offer letter and certificate of sponsorship, you have to apply for the visa. Medical certificate is mandatory.

There are opportunities for nurses in the UK NHS. The time to apply is till 31-05-2023. So those who are interested can try to get the qualifications to get the job in UK soon.

BSc/GNM qualified nurses with OET/IELTS, B score in Speaking, Reading, Listening, C+ score (OET) and 6.5 in Speaking, Reading, Listening, Writing (IELTS) & CBT are eligible to apply and can expect a salary of up to 28 lakhs upon joining the job. . Candidates up to 45 years can apply

There are many job opportunities in UK. That’s why many agencies are charging lakhs of fees by giving fake offer letters. So don’t fall for such scams. You need to check the company website to make sure. There are many companies offering jobs in UK so you can find the best company that provides free visa. Just choose good companies according to your qualification and skills.

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