Jobday at the federal police which recruits specialized civilians and future police officers

Recruitment day today at the Major Géruzet barracks in Brussels from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Federal Police wishes to meet its future agents. A jobday intended for any candidate interested in a function in the federal police.

Several components are present: Special units, canine police, drone team, navigation, IT or even railways. The administrative police, canine support, traffic police, navigation and aeronautics are represented in particular. There is also a stand for the Federal Judicial Police, the computer unit and a team that uses drones. “I came here only for the cavalry”explained a young girl in the RTL INFO 13H. “What interests me is above all the police of the road, everything that is biker”testified a young man.

This information day is aimed at all candidates interested in employment with the Federal Police (as operational or civilian personnel). Particular attention is paid to certain specialized profiles. Candidates have the opportunity to visit the various stands, attend several demonstrations and try their hand at the functional sports course. Not as easy as it looks: “It’s a bit tiring. The first one we tell ourselves that it will go slowly, then we arrive on the second and we say to ourselves that we have to slow down a little and the third is intense”testified a young woman.

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