Joel Badr with Angie Khoury after wearing the hijab, and this is how I supported her – with a video

2023-10-18 17:11:05

Joelle Badr was accompanied by Angie Khoury in her first appearance with her wearing the hijab. Joelle shared two video clips on her official page on a social networking site, in one of which she appeared sitting next to Angie, who was filming the video clip in the style of a selfie, and Angie asked her, “Do you not like pictures so much,” so she replied, “Yes,” and I kissed her. Joel on her cheek, then she said, “Hey, Angie, my daughter, my pet, the veil buries me.”

Angie appeared to have gained a lot of weight and was wearing wide brown and beige clothes.
Many believed that Angie had moved away from the limelight and no longer cared about her fitness as she did before, but others suggested that she had undergone a procedure to inject her “back” with filler so that she would appear larger than she was.

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