Johana Cubillas confronted Mirella Paz for likes to her husband: “A fatal cynic” | entertainment | celebrity | Love and Fire | SHOWS

Updated on 05/14/2022 10:29 am

In the latest edition of Love and Fire, Johana Cubillas, the daughter of ‘Nene’ Cubillas, revealed that Mirella Paz She is the one who likes the photos where only her Argentine husband appears. For this reason, she said that “alarms went off” and she decided to confront her.

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“It is Mirella Paz. It seems strange to me that he follows him, that is, he does not follow me and likes the photos of him in which he appears alone, there the alarms went off ”, Johana Cubillas told.

He then continued with: “It bothers me that a woman falls so low from wanting to get involved in any way to pretending something with a guy she knows is married”.

He faced Mirella Paz

In statements to Amor y Fuego, Johana Cubillas revealed that she wrote to Mirella to find out the reason for so many likes on her husband’s photos.

“I said ‘hi Mirella how are you, I’m Johana Cubillas, I wanted to know what was the purpose of liking the photos and following a married man with a family'”, counted.

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“Juan doesn’t follow anyone. He also said that the likes were reciprocal, another lie, because my husband is the one who likes nobody the least, I know him, he is my husband for a reason ”,


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