Joint announcement by NAP and Socijalistska Zora (B. Macedonia) on the attack by A.A. on a cultural site

2023-05-04 18:03:40

Joint announcement of NAP/Greece and Socialist Dawn (Socijalisticka Zoradawn Socialist)/B.Macedonia for the Golden Dawn attack in a cultural space in Thessaloniki

We denounce the attack of “Golden Dawn” in a cultural space in Thessaloniki with an exhibition of works by an artist from North Macedonia. Fascists attacked the painter forcing him to take down his works. THE Golden Dawnshe is trying to spill her poison again and we declare that the anti-fascist movement will not let them. As we have done in the past, the anti-fascist movement is the only one that can put an end to their presence, whatever form they take, whatever leadership they support.

Nothing separates us from the people of our neighboring country. Instead, we are united by our struggles against the capitalists and their representatives. We fight together against every kind of imperialism to which they try to sacrifice the working class and the people. A few days have passed since the murder of 23-year-old Fatmata, who was killed at the border by North Macedonian police while trying to cross into the country, after her asylum application was rejected by the Greek state. The policies of capital and the EU kill on both sides of the border, just as they do in the Aegean. The official racism of governments fuels the hatred of fascists and nationalists who argue about the name of Macedonia, but together they turn against the refugees, the weakest and the poorest. They also hate art because it is what unites peoples.

Culture has proven many times to be a bridge between different peoples, against nationalism and fascism. Through historical and cultural initiatives, we reach out and are inspired by the cultures of workers and peoples in other countries.

We insist on the path of struggle to defend the life of the working class and the people from either side of the border. The Balkan peoples know what fascism means. Our enemies are imperialism, the capitalist oligarchs in our countries and their political servants. Our enemies are fascists and racists.

We fight too we will always fight against the system that oppresses the people and destroys their lives, for solidarity of peoples against common enemies them, for a new society of equality and justice.

  • NAR for Communist Liberation/Greece
  • Socialist Dawn (Socijalisticka Zoradawn Socialist)/North Macedonia

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