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Reporter Guo Caiying / Comprehensive Report

Hollywood “resentment” Angelia Jolie (Angelia Jolie) and Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) completed their divorce in 2019, but the two sides still have lawsuits. , Dissatisfied with the accusation of the man’s violence in 2016, he was not prosecuted, and after investigation by foreign media, the contents of the relevant documents were also exposed earlier.

▲Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie divorced in 2019. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the incident happened on September 14, 2016. At that time, Julie’s family returned to the United States from France on a private plane. During the flight, Xiaobu drank a lot of alcohol and began to yell at her, and even caught her. Her head, shaking her, pushed the woman against the bathroom wall, hitting the cabin ceiling hard. She said that the man even poured beer on her and was asked for nearly 25,000 US dollars (about 750,000 Taiwan dollars) in alcohol money.

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▲ Jolie reported that she filed an anonymous lawsuit against the FBI in April.  (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

▲Jolie reported that she filed an anonymous lawsuit against the FBI in April, dissatisfied with Xiaobu’s non-prosecution that year. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

In addition, Jolie mentioned that Xiaobu’s behavior terrified all 6 children. Hearing the eldest son blurt out “Bastard”, the man was so angry that he rushed towards the child. hurt. After getting off the plane, she expressed that she wanted to take the child to a restaurant to rest, but was yelled at by the other party again: “You XX don’t want to take my child away!”

It is known that 5 days after the incident, Jolie applied to the court for divorce and set the date of separation on the 15th of the month. Xiaobu once issued a statement denying the woman’s accusation, and in the end, the man was not prosecuted. She had a grudge, so she filed an anonymous complaint to the FBI in April this year. It seems that the dispute between the two sides will continue for some time.

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