Jorge Lanata was discharged after three weeks of hospitalization

2023-09-12 01:33:01

The journalist Jorge Lanata who He had been hospitalized since August 23, This Monday he had favorable news about his health. She was discharged from hospital.

Lanata was admitted to the Favaloro Foundation due to a urinary infection.

Now he will continue his recovery at home. The news about the state of health of the PPT driver was given by his wife Elba Marcovecchio, wife of the journalist, in a note with TN Show.

Last week, he had said in a message he sent to Yanina Latorre during LAM, that Lanata was no longer sedated, that they had taken him off the respirator and that he was very calm.

The hospitalization of Jorge Lanata

The Favaloro Foundation reported in the medical report on the first day of hospitalization that Lanata had been admitted “for the treatment of a bacteremic urinary tract infectionhis stay in the hospital being necessary for adequate clinical control and compliance with the therapeutic regimen.

Lanata’s previous intervention had been in October 2021, for a scheduled angioplasty.

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