Jorge Rial assured that he received complaints about Marcelo Corazza before his arrest

After the information about the arrest of Marcelo Corazza was made known after the police, who are investigating a case of corruption of minors, raided his house, Jorge Rial recalled the hidden camera that he did to the producer and ex-participant of Big Brother and the repercussions it had.

“After the hidden camera we received complaints about this issue,” said the driver of Argenzuela (C5N), and Paulo Kablan, a panelist for the cycle, added that the abuses began in 1999.

Rial repeated that the situation surprises him and that, after the hidden camera he did to Corazza to expose his sexual orientation, he received 3 complaints related to the former Big Brother participant and the corruption of minors.

“It does surprise me, beyond certain things that happened after that failed and poorly made hidden camera against Corazza, which had nothing to do with this, after that we received many complaints on this particular subject, but we had been invalidated by this. But I am very surprised that he is in this situation,” Rial said.

The ex-conductor of Intruders assured that Corazza entered Big Brother being part of the gang of trafficking and corruption of minors. “When it came to us, there were three parents, I apologize from here because I did not give them a ball at that time because I felt that I was unable to continue with the issue, that we had addressed it badly. They called me and they talked about what the Justice is formally accusing him of, ”he assured.

Regarding the accusation, Kablan explained that he is accused of forming an organization aimed at recruiting minors and adults in vulnerable situations in order to subject them to the practice of sexual relations and sexual exploitation without their consent for exchange of money or personal or third party satisfaction. In addition, he pointed out that in the City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires and Misiones, there have been 11 victims since 1999.

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