Jorotherapy will heat the corner of Kañamarga in Guatire

A free session of joropoterapia will take place this Friday, March 25 at 4 pm, at the corner of Kañamarga located in Barrio Arriba de Guatire in the state of Miranda, for adults, children and young people accompanied by parents or representatives, informed the director of the Vidanza dance school, Elia Díaz.

He pointed out that this activity is programmed by the Kañamarga Foundation and his school to offer a recreational alternative to the inhabitants of this town.

“A joropotherapy consists of teaching through strategies the different forms of joropo dance from the regions of Venezuela but not with the couple dance structure but as physical training, he said,

The activity will allow relaxation and at the same time get to know a part of the Venezuelan culture, in a fun and entertaining way. The difference of dance therapy, which works with modern and Latin rhythms, Díaz will do it with mirandino, llanero, Andean and oriental joropo.

People should wear comfortable clothing, hydration, face mask and hand gel.

He noted that the Vidanza School operates in the Virgen del Rosario Private Educational Unit, near Plaza 24 de Julio, on Thursday and Saturday afternoons.

The director of the foundation and of the Kañamarga musical group, Raúl Álvarez, highlighted that for the first time a joropotherapy will be held on the corner of Kañamarga, as part of its cultural program that offers workshops, concerts and talks. He indicated that in this way they celebrate the eight years of the declaration of the joropo as an asset of cultural interest for the nation.

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