“Journalist Yasmine Al-Khatib reveals controversial views on marriage and suicide in interview with ‘Taboo’ program”

2023-05-16 17:32:02

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Journalist Yasmine Al-Khatib said that she can marry 10 men if Sharia allows it.

During the promotional promo for her meeting with the “Taboo” program presented by the journalist Nizar Al-Fares on the “Tigris” channel, Yasmine Al-Khatib said, “If Al-Sharaa analyzed 10, she would marry 10 men,” in response to the broadcaster’s question, in which he said: “You can marry more than one person at the same time.” .

Yasmine Al-Khatib added that her reaction to the harassment is by beating and not in any other way, and that she is going through violent depression after the failure of her emotional experience, and she continued, “Who said that the one who commits suicide will not enter Paradise?”

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