Jung Eun-ji, “I can’t respect” the sasaeng fan in front of the house… Taking photos of dogs illegally

▲ Jung Eun-ji’s guide (Source = Jung Eun-ji SNS)

Apink’s Jung Eun-ji warns of invasion of privacy.

On the 21st, Eunji Jung posted on her Instagram, “There are people who come to my house these days.

Jung Eun-ji said, “I would be a little angry if I saw Kong go around the photos that I took forcibly and took pictures other than the ones I posted or the live ones.

Kongi is Jung Eun-ji’s pet dog and is loved by fans. However, as the number of photos of dogs taken by illegal routes other than those recently disclosed by Jung Eun-ji increased, Jung Eun-ji expressed her uneasy feelings.

In particular, he said, “There are people who come to my house these days, and I hate it too, but I also avoid people around me.” Let’s love healthy,” he added.

In addition to Jung Eun-ji, singers from the boy group The Boyz and SM Entertainment have recently warned about sasaeng fans. They announced that they would take strong measures against trespassing, illegally acquiring phone numbers, and following artists who are serving in the military.


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