“Junior de Barranquilla: Bolillo Gómez’s Impact, Transfer News, and Long-Term Goals”

2023-05-20 03:11:58

Junior de Barranquilla was close to qualifying for home runs on the last date, Bolillo Gómez’s arrival gave the squad more confidence and more order in all lines. They were left with 28 units and now the next step is to look at the departures and arrivals of players for the following semester.

After a meeting between Fuad Char, the club’s top shareholder, and Bolillo Gómez, DT spoke to the press about the issues that were discussed. We are passing a report of everything that was worked and done, trying to see what can be done for the second tournament. They are going to have 10 days of vacation and then we have 45 days left to do a good preseason,” he said.

Bolillo Gómez did not dare to talk about departures and arrivals, about possible reinforcements he said that there are some in the folder, but so far there is nothing concrete.“That is being discussed, there are options for change, but that is difficult and even more so in the middle of the year, this is not the time to talk about departures or arrivals (…) We are working on it, there is nothing concrete with anyone”.

Sowing from the beginning and a long-term project

The World Cup coach assured that they found a squad in poor physical condition and had to carry out conditioning. He stressed that for everything to flow it had to be sown well from the start of the championship, “We arrived and caught the team in a poor state, the boys made a great effort, if it hadn’t been for them we wouldn’t have scored 28 points in this tournament, we weren’t far from qualifying. There were good behaviors, the ups and downs are normal because they did some physical reconditioning and they felt that, if you don’t plant well at the beginning it’s hard”.

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Finally, he stated that the Barranquilla club needs a restructuring, but that is not easy and It is not given immediately. Hope you can lead the project for many years to achieve the goal. “Junior has a big damage that will not be corrected in the next semester, a restructuring in a few months is very difficult, they will work for that, but there are teams that are in the finals with a process of three or four years” .

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