Junior high school teacher kissing a girl student at a karaoke shop Disciplinary dismissal dismissal Tokyo | NHK

A male teacher at a public junior high school in the Tama area of ​​Tokyo was dismissed from disciplinary action for kissing a girl student at a school where she works at a karaoke shop.

The disciplinary dismissal was given to a 40-year-old male teacher who works at a public junior high school in the Tama area.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the teacher invited a school girl who works at a karaoke shop in Tokyo last November to kiss and hug her ears when she was alone.

This teacher was in charge of some of the students’ lessons.

When a friend of the student consulted with the school and was discovered, the teacher said, “I am very sorry for the student and his family due to the careless and inappropriate behavior. It resulted in betrayal of trust. I am deeply remorseful. “

In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said that a 26-year-old male teacher at a public elementary school in the 23 wards invited a girl child to his home in August last summer and touched his shoulders and back, and the salary was reduced by 10 minutes. Disciplinary action was taken for 1 to 6 months.

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