Juri Bakr pays tribute to her husband in “Her Excellency”: I was allowed to come today

2023-07-11 22:02:00

Written by Bassem Fouad Wednesday, July 12, 2023 01:02 AM

The artist and media host, Esaad Younis, hosted the artist Kindly In the “Her Excellency” program on the DMC channel, to talk about her latest work, the series “Jaafar Al-Omda”, in which she presented the character of Wadad in front of the star Muhammad Ramadan, as one of the most prominent stars who shone in the last Ramadan season.

Jory Bakr recounted the scenes of her meeting with the star Amr Diab during one of his concerts on the coast after inviting the heroes of the series to the party, and she said: “I was at the party on the coast, greeting all the heroes of the series, and I did not expect that he would greet me, and suddenly he said: “Omal, where is Wadad who was a worker? Worried about the series?

She added that she was expecting the viewers to hate her in the series, but she was surprised by the people’s love for the character, and commented: “People are running after me, and the children are saying to me, ‘Tant and Dad. Can we imagine with you?'”

And about her next work, Juri Bakr said: “I am waiting for a good job to come to me, and oh Lord, I do safety and we return to Jaafar Al-Omda again.”

Juri Bakri saluted her husband at the end of the episode, saying: “Josie allowed me to come to you. He said the first drop and came down to Egypt.”

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