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2023-07-11 19:00:33

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Huo Hongsheng takes courage and fights again, Qianshuai Bowangpo Concerto

Update time: 03:00 2023-07-12
Release time: 03:00 2023-07-12

(Reported by Sing Tao Daily) Huo Hongsheng rode “Lucky Missile” to win the horse last Sunday, breaking his personal boring situation of five consecutive days since he rode “Beautiful World” to win the horse on the 18th of last month. In the battle, although Huo Hongsheng only has four horses in the lineup, they are not expensive, because all of them have good performance recently, and of course they have a chance to bring him the winner. Huo Wangsheng said that “Wu Qianshuai”, “Bo Wang Po” and “Concerto” are all his bargaining chips in this battle.
Huo Hongsheng had successively raised margins in the races in the middle of last month, but when he returned to his ancestral home in South Africa to visit his family earlier on Wednesday when there was no night race, he did not see a winning horse in the race again. Regarding this, Huo Hongsheng said: “I don’t think there is any difference between the two. The relationship, first of all, is approaching the end of the season, and many times the number of horses participating in the race is not enough. It is not easy to find a mount, and it is even more difficult to obtain a chance to win. In addition, I am not completely lacking in performance during this period, such as “Knowing to win again” and “Knowing how to win again” “Special Attack” and other mounts can be ranked, but they just failed to win. Now that the stalemate has been broken, of course I hope to deliver good results in the remaining two races.”
Huo Hongsheng also said that after the Shake Day game this Sunday, he will return to South Africa immediately. In addition to seeing his family and taking a vacation, he will also attend the Hewitsen wedding on the 22nd of this month, and then continue to rest. As for whether he will As originally planned, going to Australia to play a cameo depends on whether you can get enough support and visas. If you fail to go, you will consider returning to Hong Kong early to prepare for the new racing season.
Before his debut, “Wu Qianshuai” He Xing had shown his speed in the morning classes and barrier trials many times. As a result, he won the first race in the straw 1,000 meters. Huo Hongsheng analyzed the distance race, “Before ‘Wu Qianshuai’ came out for the first time, he was very busy in the morning class, and the trend of the lineup was not mature. The main reason for winning the horse was his natural speed and the joint running of the valley. After the resumption of classes, this The foal has trained normally, and the trend has continued to improve. This time, I will run the same distance again, even if the weight is increased, but the quality of the new horse will be enough to win here as long as it keeps improving.”
Lu Xuan’s “Bo Wang Po” ran up to the cold position after the first 1,200 meters in the first three battles. In the first battle, he ran the third place after 1,650 meters. This time, he further increased the distance and ran 1,800 meters. Huo Hongsheng said about this : “‘Bowang Slope’ just won the third place in the 1650m race, and the momentum is still good at the end and after passing the finish line, and I have won the 2000m long before coming to Hong Kong, so this time the extended range attack is very good. Reasonable; in addition, this horse is ranked first in this race, and it is also beneficial for him to stay behind. I hope that his performance will continue and he will win the first race in Hong Kong.”
In the end, Huo Hongsheng pointed out that “Concerto” came back after a long break, and still easily won the horse in the mid-distance in the straw. , The state is still at the same level as when he won the horse. It is also beneficial to lose 12 pounds in this battle compared with the previous game, so he is still a contender for victory.

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