Man in Bangalore Tricks Women into Marriage with Fake Doctor Identity: Shocking Story Revealed

2023-07-12 01:33:40

Mahesh KB Nayak, a 35-year-old man in Bangalore, India, lied to the outside world that he was a doctor with a high degree of gold and gold, and successfully tricked many women into marrying him. (Picture / flip from Twitter)

How bold! Mahesh KB Nayak, a 35-year-old man in Bangalore, India, in order to make himself a hot-spot in the eyes of the opposite sex, when he was looking for a partner on a dating website, he obviously only had a primary school education, but lied Said his profession is a highly educated doctor, in order to attract girls. As a result, in the past 9 years, relying on the professional halo of being a “doctor”, he successfully married 15 women and defrauded the other half of their money. Later, it was because of these girls that they discovered that Nayak was obviously a highly educated professional, but his English was poor, so his evil deeds of pretending to be a doctor were exposed.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the local police in India received a report from a woman as early as the beginning of this year, and found that a man pretended to be a highly educated engineer on a dating website, successfully defrauded the marriage and defrauded the other half of the money; later received another The woman reported to the police that the victim was also cheated into the marriage. After the marriage, the other party robbed her of jewelry and large sums of cash and ran away.

Because of the large number of victims, the police set up a task force to investigate, and finally found MaheshKB Nayak, a 35-year-old man who successfully deceived 15 women into marrying him over the past 9 years with a fake image of rich money and high education. The police also found that in addition to pretending to be a high-income engineer, he even pretended to be a highly educated doctor on the Internet. He even set up a fake clinic and successfully attracted many women to marry him.

Among these deceived women, 4 women have given birth to children for him. Many people are actually from wealthy families, and women with good educational backgrounds. After discovering that they were cheated, most of them felt very ashamed, so they felt embarrassed to come forward to report the crime, which indirectly amplified Nayak’s evil deeds.

After the police arrested Nayak, they recovered 2 cars, 7 mobile phones, 200,000 Indian rupees (approximately more than 70,000 Taiwan dollars) cash and jewelry belonging to the victim from him. The relevant cases are being investigated and clarified.

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