Justice Denied: The Urgent Case of Mr. Trabelsi and the Belgian Government’s Apathy

2023-10-02 05:13:00

“Mr. Trabelsi is being held pending expulsion from American territory. In Tunisia, he risks torture, an inhumane sentence of twenty years of imprisonment resulting from the torture of other individuals. The Belgian government has been condemned (by the Belgian justice, Editor’s note) to accept his return. Things should be simple. Unfortunately, the Belgian government seems to want to remain apathetic in the face of this man’s suffering”, comment lawyers Dounia Alamat and Christophe Marchand. They point out the extreme state of anxiety of the prisoner, his current “abominable” conditions of detention, his mental and physical health which continues to deteriorate. “We are disappointed and very concerned by this lack of humanity, this complacency in torture. We still hope that the government acts with respect for the fundamental rights of Mr. Trabelsi. This man has suffered enough. In a rule of law, we should no longer be forced to refer the matter once again to the judiciary to sanction executive abuses,” they continue.

The daily also received a five-page letter from the detainee on hunger and thirst strike detailing his appalling conditions of detention, in solitary confinement, in the administrative detention center for aliens in Farmville, Virginia.

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