Kalamata: Maria Athanasopoulou died at the age of 38 – 2024-04-13 03:28:50

The mother who was saved when she was an infant from the earthquake in Kalamata died at the age of 38.

Maria Athanasopoulou, who was a 10-day-old baby when the great Kalamata earthquake struck on September 13, 1986 and was pulled alive after 26 hours under the rubble, died suddenly while three months pregnant with her second child.

She had become known throughout the country in 1986, when she herself did not understand anything, after the 6 Richter earthquake that hit the Kalamata area.

The rescuers found her unconscious, while she herself had a large wound on her neck from an iron. Although she managed to live, she faced serious health problems throughout her life.

All these years, her father stood by Maria’s side. After all, she herself managed to survive, but she did not avoid health problems, since she was left without oxygen, water and food for 26 hours.

“She was in the wreckage for 26 hours, she had a deep scar on her neck that left her with problems, she never developed properly”her father stated after her death.

“The doctors never understood what was wrong with him. He had symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but he did not have the disease. He was taking a lot of medication, had unbearable headaches, instability and epilepsy,” he said.

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