“Kanye Believes Throwing For President Cost His Marriage” | Entertainment

The rapper made a bid for the American presidency last year, without success. “We must now deliver on America’s promise by trusting God, uniting our vision, and building our future,” said Kanye know at the time. “I am a presidential candidate.”

During his first campaign meeting, he immediately caused quite a stir. He spoke out against abortion and pornography and burst into tears when he related that Kim and he himself considered an abortion when the brunette was pregnant with their first daughter North. Kanye already predicted that “Kim might want to divorce me after this, but then I am always happy that she gave birth to North.”

He now seems to have been right about that. A source leaves on People know that Kanye believes there was still hope for his marriage before running in the election. After that all hope was lost. It cost him his marriage. (…) He keeps asking himself: ‘what if’ and ‘if only I had done this and not done that’. He is still processing everything. He thinks his candidacy has been the last straw. ”

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