Kardashian and West are getting divorced. How property will be divided

The most famous celebrity couple has announced a divorce. A serious conflict broke out between the stars in 2018, and the “point of no return” was passed by the spouses two years later.

American TV star Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from rapper Kanye West. Their marriage, in which four children were born, lasted six years.

In American society, the love story of the star couple was considered ideal, but in 2020 it became known that there were serious disagreements between Kim and Kanye.

The fortune of the Kardashian West family is estimated at two billion dollars, but the divorce is unlikely to become scandalous because of this – they entered into a marriage contract. Correspondent.net tells the details.

From admiration to criticism

Rumors that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are breaking up have not abated for months. On February 20, TMZ reported that the couple were indeed getting divorced after nearly seven years of marriage.

The initiator of the divorce was Kardashian – she filed documents with the Los Angeles Supreme Court. Sources say the couple are breaking up peacefully. The media write that Kim wants to raise children with the maximum participation of Kanye.

The press writes that Kardashian is asking for joint legal and physical custody of four children: seven-year-old North West, five-year-old Saint, three-year-old Chicago and Psalm, which will turn two in May.

Kim has reportedly already told North West about the upcoming divorce. According to insiders, the reality TV star herself decided to tell her oldest child about this so that she would have an idea of ​​what was going on between her parents.

Kim and Kanye have been living separately for several months now, with the rapper at his $ 14 million ranch in Wyoming, while Kim continues to live with her children at the $ 40 million Calabasas mansion. Therefore, the separated life of parents will not come as a surprise to children.

The publication US Weekly, referring to the environment of the TV star, reports that several events have become the harbingers of the divorce.

The interlocutor of the edition noted that a serious conflict broke out between the stars in 2018, while the “point of no return” was passed by the spouses two years later.

“The turning point in Kim and Kanye’s marriage was when he said slavery was a choice,” he said, recalling a controversial interview in which West suggested that slavery in the United States was a choice, not an obligation, of the country’s black population.

According to an insider, the famous rapper’s outraged words upset the Kardashians, and it took the couple a long time to leave this incident in the past.

“But when Kanye (July 2020 – ed.) Told the world that he had discussed with Kim the possibility of an abortion before their daughter North West was born, it was a watershed moment in their marriage,” writes US Weekly.

Shortly thereafter, West wrote a series of posts on the Twitter microblog in which he accused his wife of trying to forcibly send him to a mental institution. At this point, he was running for US President.

“After that, there was no turning back for Kim. She could brush aside his shocking statements to the public, but she could not ignore the fact that he mentioned the children. In her opinion, this was unacceptable and she was afraid that one day North would read about it.” , – said the source.

The relationship between West and the Kardashians began in 2012. At that time, the TV star was still officially married to her second husband, basketball player Chris Humphries, although she no longer lived with him.

The novel aroused great interest, since the successful singer, businessman and philanthropist Kanye West, in the eyes of ordinary people, did not match with Kim Kardashian, who at that time was considered by many to be only a passing and vulgar TV star who became widely known due to the leaking of her sex videos on the Internet.

Already in 2013, Kardashian gave birth to her first child from West, and a few months later, on her birthday, she became engaged to him.

In the early years of their marriage, the rapper repeatedly spoke publicly about his admiration for Kim. So, in 2016, he called his modern Marie Antoinette. West called Kardashian the face of the changes in the fashion world that are taking place today.

“My wife is the face of changes in the fashion world. There were designers who did not invite her to their fashion shows, but now create entire collections of clothes for her body type,” he said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

After a few years, there was more criticism. So, for example, he did not like the dress in which Kardashian came to the ball of the Met Gala Costume Institute at the American Metropolitan Museum in 2019.

The TV star arrived at the party in a translucent flesh-colored dress with a rigid corset, designed by French fashion designer Thierry Mugler.

West stated that her dress at the Met Gala was “too sexy” and doesn’t like it when she “shows off her body.” According to him, he did not immediately realize that it was unpleasant for him to see his wife and the mother of his children half-naked.

“A corset is a form of underwear. It’s sexy. But who is all this sexy for?” – the rapper was indignant.

He also admitted that he is “in pain” when his spouse looks very sexy in photographs.

How will the property be divided

The spouses are bound by a marriage contract, with the clauses of which both parties agree, so the divorce process is expected to be fast and bloodless.

The joint property, including a $ 30,000 sink mansion in Calabasas, California, is estimated by experts at five percent of Kim and Kanye’s total assets.

The publication TMZ, citing sources, writes that “the couple has already made great strides in reaching an agreement on the settlement of property relations.”

Forbes estimates Kanye West’s fortune at $ 1.3 billion. Almost all the musician’s income comes from his own shoe brand Yeezy, which is closely associated with the adidas company that produces and sells the sneakers themselves.

Kim Kardashian’s fortune is a little more modest – $ 900 million. The main asset is the cosmetic brand KKW Beauty, which has a 72 percent share of the TV star.

The first major joint acquisition of the couple was a $ 20 million mansion. Four of the nine minimalist bedrooms are occupied by the children of the Kardashian West couple, which is why Kim expects to keep the square meters for herself.

In addition, Kim’s mother Kris Jenner and sister Kourtney Kardashian live next door. The media write that Kim has every chance to stay in Hidden Hills – lawyers often retain the right of the guardian spouse to live in the family home in order to minimize the impact of the divorce process on children.

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