Karla Tarazona dedicates tender words to her husband for his birthday: “I wish your dreams and wishes come true” | Rafael Fernández Instagram NNDC | SHOWS

she dedicated an emotional message to her husband, Rafael Fernández, for his birthday. Through his social networks, the announcer called him “life partner” and I wish him the best.

May our love grow as the years go by, I wish you much peace and tranquility forever “, is read at the beginning of your message.

In the same way, Karla Tarazona hopes that they will continue together until they are older people. “I wish your dreams and wishes come true. May God give us life to be together until old people and multiply you in abundance for being the man with a big heart and detached from whom I have fallen in love”He added.

The presenter thanked Rafael Fernandez for being by her side, enjoying her follies and accompanying her when she needs it most. “Happy return to the sun, life companion. Congratulations, my boy “, he concluded.

In their stories of Instagram, Karla Tarazona showed how she surprised him with decorations in his house. “You deserve this and more, my love“, he pointed.

Karla Tarazona’s surprise to her husband Rafael Fernández. (Instagram @latarazona).


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