Karol G: From ‘Factor XS’ to International Stardom – The Remarkable Journey of a Musical Sensation

2023-08-11 11:31:52

The singer from Antioquia Karol G has become one of the most important musical figures in the world and has earned this recognition after years of work.

The first appearances of the urban genre singer, at a very early age, were made on the music reality show known as ‘Factor XS’, in which several children and adolescents who hoped to have an opportunity in music appeared.

She dared to participate in the show in 2006, when she was 15 years old, and 17 years have passed since then.

The young woman was chosen by the juries and although she did not reach the final stages, she was able to make herself known and demonstrate the talent she had since then.

This program opened one of the first doors to fame for her and she did not hesitate to take advantage of it, since after her participation she was able to sign her first contract with a record company, which at that time was Flamingo Records Colombia and Diamond Music Puerto Rico.

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Later, she was part of the choirs of singer Reykon and participated as an opening act at a Don Omar concert in 2006.

Karol G also ventured into emerging digital platforms at that time with the publication of some videos on a YouTube profile, in which he demonstrates his talent even singing in English.

Likewise, the interpreter had the opportunity to appear on ‘The Star Show’, where she received, from Jorge Barón, ‘the good luck kick’.

At that time, the singer was shy, as she herself manifested in a video, but she always looked for a way to show that she had the talent to achieve great achievements.

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Currently, the singer from Antioquia shares messages on her networks in which she encourages her followers to pursue their dreams and not give up if obstacles appear along the way: “When everything is done with love and awareness, sooner or later, the result is the same: fullness and with a strong soul like a panther”.

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