Karteros’ fierce attack on Kasselakis: Half of SYRIZA’s voters turn their backs 2024-04-18 19:00:35

On the occasion of the recent presentation of the expensive maisonette of Stefanos Kasselakis in Kolonaki, in a live broadcast on Nikos EvagelatosThanasis Karteros essentially deconstructs the lifestyle practices of the SYRIZA president, claiming that “almost half of the SYRIZA voters of ’23 are turning their backs on the party and its president.”

See the article by Thanasis Karteros in “Avgi”:

“It is aimed at the large public that has turned its back on the parties and abstains from the elections not because it is apolitical, but because it is disappointed. That’s how Stefanos Kasselakis told Nikos Evagelatos. Expressing, in fact, the belief that with the renewal of SYRIZA, its own authentic stance, positions on accuracy, the economy, etc., communication through social media, in which it engages with great frequency and intensity, is absolutely possible the party to emerge first in the European elections. To restore the Left as the ruling faction.

This perception obviously matches the character and image he ministers and peddles. While serving her, he showed Evangelitos around his new, unapproachable for many house in Kolonaki, connecting his acquisition with the Greek’s dream of “a tile” above his head. The image of the businessman who made it rich and can lay down two million to buy his dream house is consistent, at least in his opinion, with the goal of charming the disenchanted. To attract them to SYRIZA.

Welcome and I wish you well. The cafe, his tours and the polls show, in fact, that many of the immovables are moving. At the same time, however, they also show that almost half of SYRIZA’s ’23 voters are turning their backs on the party and its president. It repels them, instead of attracting them. Present in stone years, stubborn opponents of the exploitation of man by man, democrats of struggles, hungry and thirsty for the modesty of justice, they don’t… Kasselakis’ SYRIZA, attractive to them, is not at all attractive to the “don’ts”.

Does SYRIZA want them? Will he give them to other polls, to the void, to abstention? Or will he try to reach them? If so, this requires something difficult perhaps for its president, but necessary: ​​the plural collectivity – a great weapon of the Left. The multi-color that multi-collectivity requires and made SYRIZA a party of power. Which is not happening today. SYRIZA has become monochromatic, almost one-man. Everywhere and always Kasselakis. Disappeared organs. And when others appear somewhere, with a different political charge and resume, they impersonate Kasselakis.

The star of Tsipras did not fade – quite the opposite – neither the collective bodies nor a series of executives, each with its own color and imprint. The slur cost SYRIZA, not the collective. Can Kasselakis give her space? Both he and the party will benefit. SYRIZA doesn’t need them, no matter how crooked they seem to him…”.

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