Kartika Putri Health Condition: Seeking Treatment in Singapore

2024-02-23 09:45:42


Kartika Putri appeared on social media in poor health, Mother. This time, this 33 year old woman seemed to be having problems with her skin.

In an upload on her Instagram social media, Habib Usman bin Yahya’s wife showed several portraits showing the condition of her facial skin. From the portrait, it appears that several parts of his face were injured.

Furthermore, the injuries experienced by Kartika Putri apparently did not only appear on her face, Mother. In fact, from the tongue to the roof of the mouth there are also problems that are not much different.

“Down to the tongue, inside the cheeks to the roof of the mouth,” he said.

Kartika Putri admitted that problems that arise in this part of the mouth also have other impacts. Now, he has difficulty eating and is losing weight and his breast milk is decreasing.

“The palate is what makes me thin. I should be happy but it’s sad because my breast milk is decreasing,” he added.

Go to Singapore for treatment

Kartika Putri also showed her efforts to seek treatment while confirming the disease. Through uploads on his Instagram Story, it is known that he went to Singapore to undergo treatment and carry out further examinations.

“I’m starting to get tired needle…Bismillah Healthy. “Today I decided to go to Singapore to check everything further… pray for everyone…” he wrote.

On her trip for treatment to Singapore, Kartika brought her two children along. This is because one of the children is still exclusively breastfed, so he has to stay close to him.

“The two little ones came because Khadeejah was still breastfed… Sis didn’t come because I already had an appointment for a playdate in JKT,” he said.

Still, a movie star Crazy Modern Comedy! This means being alone when consulting a doctor. “But I went to the hospital alone,” he wrote.

So what is Kartika Putri’s actual condition? Continue reading on the next page, Mother.

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