Video game: Mario vs Donkey Kong, antics we love

2024-02-23 09:36:09

The best soups are made in old pots. We know that Nintendo has mastered this adage and its new gem Mario vs Donkey Kong is no exception. The new game from the Japanese giant (on Switch) is indeed the very definition of a successful remake.

A little flashback: in 2004, Nintendo released to everyone’s surprise on its Game Boy Advance portable console a puzzle game based broadly on the very first arcade game featuring the mustachioed plumber, Mario Bros. The Arcade Game (1983). We know the principle: a large gorilla named Donkey Kong throws barrels at Mario who must avoid them by jumping or climbing ladders…

Mario vs Donkey Kong, the first of the name, therefore took up this primitive principle by elaborating it in such a way as to complicate the puzzles, requiring both reflexes and reflection from the player.

Fast forward to February 2024: Nintendo is back on track with a new

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