Kartika Putri’s Journey: Overcoming Stevens Johnson Syndrome

2024-02-24 15:00:34


Artis Kartika Putri reported that he was suffering from symptoms of Stevens Johnson Syndrome which caused facial skin to blister. But now the condition has improved.

This was revealed by Kartika Putri on Instagram. He explained that he was suffering from the symptoms of Stevens Johnson Syndrome due to autoimmune disease he had been suffering from for the past few years.

detikcom has received permission to quote Kartika Putri’s explanation on her verified Instagram account.

“Thank God I’m getting better here and I also want to explain what I experienced to all of you so you don’t get curious. So subhanallah I’ve been diagnosed with autoimmune for five years, but thank God I’m fine so far,” he said.

“What I experienced was Stevens Johnson Syndrome, which is very normal for people who have autoimmune disease,” he continued.

Kartika Putri explained how she developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome. It started with him taking painkillers.

“The trigger that I experienced was that some time ago I had been drinking pain killers for about a week, and it turned out that my body’s reaction turned around, attacking myself,” he said.

Kartika Putri said that initially there was a small lump on her lip when she was attacked by Stevens Johnson Syndrome. He had underestimated this because he thought it was just an ordinary allergy.

“First it was just a small lump on the lip that was filled with water and was on the forehead. I thought it was just an ordinary allergy, so that’s why the treatment was slow. Until finally it broke due to being nudged by my child, it continued to sting and became wider like it was on the forehead,” he said.

When it spread and the skin on her face blistered, Kartika Putri panicked and felt uncomfortable. He admitted that he had visited several doctors, but did not get maximum results.

As a result, Kartika flew to Singapore for treatment.

“I’m really confused because it feels uncomfortable, like burning, especially in the area of ​​the lips and forehead. I’ve tried several but it feels like it hasn’t improved, so I’m looking for other healing options,” he said.

At the hospital in Singapore, Kartika Putri felt the difference. The condition of his face has improved a lot.

“I went and then I was given medicine and cream. Thank God, it’s really better now. It turned out that just gargling with salt water in my mouth got better. Especially the medicine I took, the stinging disappeared and everything,” he said.

Kartika explained the reasons for sharing the problems she was experiencing with netizens. That’s because he wants to provide education on how to deal with Stevens Johnson Syndrome.

“Why do I dare share it with all of you, because I don’t want you to experience what I experienced and I also want the reaction to be quick so that it doesn’t get too bad for you,” he concluded.

Watch the video “Portrait of Kartika Putri’s face covered in wounds”


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