Kasselakis: Hamas’ terrorist actions do not justify Israel’s circumvention of international law – 2024-02-18 09:55:11

The President of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis, met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Palestinian Authority, Riyad al-Maliki, accompanied by the Head of Foreign Affairs, Rena Dourou.

According to a party announcement, during the meeting, the president of SYRIZA-PS expressed his strong concern for the rapidly worsening humanitarian crisis and the thousands of civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip. At the same time, he emphasized that the reprehensible terrorist acts of Hamas in no way justify the circumvention of international law by Israel.

The president of SYRIZA-PS expressed his party’s solidarity with the hard-pressed Palestinian people, underlining the need to support the UN’s efforts for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, an end to the humanitarian crisis, the return of Israeli hostages and the immediate restart of credible talks in Palestine, based on the 1967 borders, for a solution of two states that coexist peacefully, with East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

Finally, Mr. Kasselakis underlined the firm positions of principle of SYRIZA-PS on the Palestinian issue, recalling the very important steps taken during the period 2015-2019.

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