‘Kathanar’ to be a wonder of Malayalam cinema; Filming begins

The shooting of Brahmanda film ‘Kathanaari’ directed by Rojin Thomas with Jayasurya as the lead has started. Katamattu Katanaar is a fantasy story that has taken its place in the pages of history. This story, which is still influential and intriguing among the audience today, is being adapted into a film with the support of modern technologies and excellent actors. This film comes with the tag line Katanaar (the wild sorcerer). The film is being produced by Gokulam Gopalan under the banner of Srigokulam Movies, the biggest film production company in Malayalam cinema.

The film is directed by Rojin Thomas who directed the hit films Phillips and Monkeypen and Home. The shooting of this film started on Wednesday April 5th at Gokulam floor in Pookatupadi, Kochi. The shooting started with a simple pooja ceremony attended by the film’s crew and relatives. Gokulam Gopalan proved the first Bhadradeepa. Jayasurya, Rojin Thomas, Krishnamurthy, Rahul Subramanian, R. Ramanand, Neil-D Kunja. Rajeevan, Uttara Menon, also participated in this function.

Then Sri Gokulam Gopalan gave the Switchon Karma and Jayasuriya gave the first clap. A huge set with an area of ​​forty five thousand square feet on 36 acres has been prepared at Pookatupadi for this film. The set was designed by Rajeev, a Malayalee who is well known for his work in Tamil and Telugu films. The biggest floor in the history of Indian cinema is being prepared here for Katanaar. Executive producer Krishnamurthy said that even after the shooting of this film is completed, there will be floors to shoot many films at the same time and rooms with all kinds of facilities for artists and technicians to stay.

Investment from

This is the highest budget film in Malayalam cinema. Director Rojin Thomas said that the film will be shot for 200 days.

Three years of pre-production

It has been three years since the pre-production of this film started. The director clarified that there are so many preparations for this film.

The film is written by R. Ramanand.

Jayasurya gets burnt

For the past two years, Jayasuriya has been preparing body and mind to become the central character of this film, Kadamattatu Katanara. Apart from Jayasuriya, leading actors from other languages ​​are also lined up. The presentation of this film is through the most advanced technical department of VFX and Virtual Productions. It is also Virtual Productions’ first film in India. It can be said that this film, which is prepared through 3D visual wonder, is a confluence of modern technologies.

J.J. Park is a Korean action choreographer

J.J., who is of Korean origin and lives in Canada. Park is composing the action scenes of this film. They have been training here for the last 2 months. J has prepared action for many foreign films. J. Park.

Rahul Subramanian is the music director. Cinematography by Neil – D Kunja. Editing by Rojin Thomas. Makeup by Ronex Xavier. Costume Design by Uttara Menon. VFX Supervisor Vishnu Raj. VFX Producer Senthil Nathan. DI Colorist – S.R.K. Warrior. Chief Associate Directors Shalam, Gopesh. Co Producers -V.C. Praveen, Baiju Gopalan. Executive Producer Krishnamurthy. Production Controller Sidhu Panakkal. Production Executives Saji.C.Joseph. Radhakrishnan Chelari, Vazhur Jose. Photo by Hari Tirumala. Srigokulam Movies will release the film.

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