Kerala Monsoon 2023: Latest Updates, Forecast and Alerts

2023-06-04 01:37:20

Thiruvananthapuram: Monsoon to Kerala coast. Monsoon along Kanyakumari coast will reach Kerala in the next few days. Although the rainy season is starting later than expected, we can expect heavy rains in the coming days. The rainy season has arrived, albeit later than expected. During these days, monsoon rains will start in Kerala. The Meteorological Center has estimated that monsoon will reach Kerala today.

But the presence of cyclones in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean delayed the arrival of the monsoon, which was supposed to reach Sri Lanka on 26 May, making landfall seven days later on 2 June. Presently, the monsoon along the Lakshadweep and Comorin coasts is favorable for reaching the Kerala coast. South Kerala will get rain first. A cyclone will form in the Arabian Sea by tomorrow. It will later become low pressure. If the depression moves towards the west coast, the monsoon may improve. Low pressure is also likely over the Bay of Bengal this week.

Double low pressure will help the monsoon to activate. It is estimated that good rains can be expected in the first half of the monsoon. The second half may be adversely affected by El Niño in the Pacific Ocean. But the monsoon will be delayed in the state and due to the formation of a counter cyclone in the Arabian Sea, it will take another four to five days for the wind to strengthen on the Kerala coast, according to weather experts at Kusat.

Warning that waves may rise up to 1.2 meters, possibility of sea attack on Kerala coast, ban on fishing

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