Kevin, originally from Antoing, was a well-known musician in the region

The collapse of part of the stone balustrade of the balcony of an apartment located on the 3rd floor of a building on Avenue Jean Volders caused the fatal fall – 17 meters – of a male victim.

The victim who fell from the balcony of St Gilles is Kevin Himpens, originally from Antoing. He was active in many music groups in the region and had recently performed in Hollain.

His funeral will take place on January 10 in the church of Peronnes.

As a reminder, the paramedics and then the police (came to secure them) who intervened on New Year’s Eve on the fatal fall from a balcony in Saint-Gilles were targeted by malicious people who threw projectiles at them. and fireworks. The intervention was filmed shortly after midnight by the young troublemakers who were then in Vanderschrick Street. At the same time, at the end of this rue Vanderschrick, at the crossroads formed with avenue Jean Volders, that is to say close to where we can see (on the video) the ambulance of the Brussels fire brigade, we must imagine that the victim’s body was still on the sidewalk and had just been covered with a white sheet when the hostilities against the paramedics began; when the throwing of glass bottles and the firing of fireworks with, as a bonus, cries like “fuck your mothers (…) you sons of bitches”, forced them to fall back while the police intervened…

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