Key Absences for André Jardine in Leagues Cup Round of 16: Impact on America’s Performance

2023-08-06 04:25:12

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Three important players for André Jardine will be out for the round of 16 of the Leagues Cup.

He America has suffered the start of the football year with his participation in Liga MX y Leagues Cup. The little rest of their national teams has taken its toll on the legs of their players. In addition, for the round of 16 commitment against Nashville, the absence of Richard Sánchez due to expulsion is added.

The Azulcrema have been recovering pieces over the weeks, but with a view to his next commitment the coach Andre Jardine It will not have a full squad, since three important elements will be absent.

Diego Valdés, Henry Martín and Richard Sánchez will not be in the next match and the question at the club and the fans is: which loss will weigh more?

Jardine has significant absences for the round of 16 of the Leagues Cup.Getty Images

The best Mexican scorer of the last two years and national team has been the undisputed starter with the Eagles. However, the little rest he has had in recent months and the load of commitments have caused injuries in the past.

Since last tournament, former coach Fernando Ortiz made it clear that Henry could not play full games, since his calls to Tri and his constant activity made an injury more likely.

This Friday, that warning came true. The center forward was aiming to start, but in the warm-up he limped off and had to be replaced by Alejandro Zendejas before starting the game.

Jardine was blunt in pointing out that “at the bank we don’t have someone of the same quality.” Minutes later, the footballer came out of the property with a prosthetic boot. The striker suffered a tear and will be out of circulation for four to five weeks.

“Henry comes from an overload, we have to remember that they are human beings, not machines, who always want to be there and in these games they want to be at 100. We have to take great care of the players, think about the calendar, the national team players are suffering Due to fewer vacations and many games, you have to be smart to carry out these games in the best way, ”he declared.

The Chilean has started the season on the wrong foot. A few weeks ago the footballer missed a commitment to Liga MX due to infection. Now, the player has been working separately from the squad, since he has a muscle injury.

The midfielder has been an important piece when he is at his best level and it is expected that his presence on the field can be the differentiator to supply Henry Martín and Julián Quiñones with balls; even, the South American himself could define matches with his mid-distance shot.

The coaching staff and management made it clear that they were not going to risk any element in the tournament played between teams from Liga MX and MLS, so their participation this week is ruled out.

“He has a small calf injury, the first exams did not point to that, it seemed to be fatigue but Diego felt something there, something bothered him, that feeling did not coincide with the exams and a new exam pointed to the injury, we decided to give him days, it’s a muscle used by the body. I think it’s close to being able to work again, in three or four days,” he said. Jardine about Diego.

In the last match against the Chicago Fire, the Paraguayan lost his head and left his leg up, hitting his rival’s groin. The referee did not hesitate to expel the feathered player in the last moments of the match.

The absence of Sánchez comes at the worst moment for the team, since, with the absence of Diego Valdés and the injury of Henry Martín, Jardine you will be left without another important piece.

Richard Sánchez was ejected against the Chicago Fire.AP Photo

Now, the strategist will have to think about the third midfielder to help Jonathan dos Santos and Álvaro Fidalgo.

Among the midfielders that the coach has registered in Leagues Cup there is the young Santiago Naveda, who returned from Poland; Bruce El-Mesmari, Miguel Ramírez, Brian Rodríguez and even Miguel Layún himself, who can play as a winger or midfielder.

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