Persevere and Find Love: Navigating Changes and Surprises in Relationships

2023-08-06 03:12:25

This waning quarter in Taurus reminds you that it is time to persevere in order to make your dreams come true. In addition, Mercury is still in your area as a couple, enabling better communication in your relationships for two. It is important to take advantage of this transit to make agreements and coordinate agendas. On Wednesday, Venus, the planet of love and resources, receives the square of Uranus, generating changes and bringing surprises to your emotional world but also to your work relationships. Leave space in your agenda to be able to face those unforeseen events. Also, on Friday, your ruler, Neptune, is in tension with the Moon, raising your sensitivity. It is best to channel it through an artistic activity. On Sunday, the Venus Star Point reminds you of the importance of carrying out an activity that fills your heart, but that is also useful to the world. That way, you get closer to your purpose.

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